Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We finally got it all here!

I started this blog to be able to share with friends and family pictures, etc. of what's going on here.  It's also a way for me to document this for us until I get it scrapped :)

Well it took 3 trips/truck loads and 5 days but we finally made it!  Everything is here!  For the first couple of trips we were able to organize boxes, etc. as they came in but towards the end we were just putting things wherever it was quickest and easiest!  On Tuesday (June 18) the entire garage was stacked full as was the library and dining rooms!

This is the dining room :(

This is the library :(
Jeffy in his office "working", lol.

But we do have a place to sit and rest our tired "dogs" in the living room :)

Oh and a functioning kitchen so Mom can cook! lol

The backyard is full of boxes and things that belong in the garage but there's no room for yet, but Jeff & I have carved out a spot to sit at every morning and have some juice :).  Oh yes, and Jeff went back to work today, well went to his Home Office to work :)

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