Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Houston... we have some progress!

Well we are plugging away at the house.  In pictures it doesn't seem like we've done much, but we really have!  Every other night or so, Jeff & I have been taking a drive to check out what's around.  The mountain views are gorgeous! and they are so close!!  We all found that we were really missing fresh air!  Luckily the weather has been so nice lately so once it cools down, we've been turning off the air and opening the house up every night.  The last 2 nights it's been too windy to keep the house open over night... but the airing out has been nice.  There is a little park up the street (about a 3 minute walk, if that) and the kids have taken Huck for walks through the park.

The dining room is coming along...at least the table is in there now.  Anyone want to come over and help get the top on the hutch??  That may take all 5 of us!!  I can't wait to have a normal and pretty looking house!

 The house is wired for cable and internet (no more wires running all over the house), Jeff spent Sunday evening getting all of the rooms "live".  We're still hitting a couple of stores now and then looking for curatins, etc.

Doesn't he look so cute pretending to work??  He's hiding a piece of lemon cake behind his laptop ;)  Jeff has since moved all of his boxes of books, etc. in to the library so his office is nearly clear.  Finding a desk for this room will be fun!

I'll check back in soon.  Now that all of the furniture is in place (except the dining hutch) I am hoping to get some decorating done and make this look like a real house!  Priority is getting outside stuff done today and tomorrow because starting Thursday and lasting for several days we'll be getting record heat here :(  Thank goodness for AC!  Oh and if anyone has any tips on dealing with hard water, I'd LOVE to hear them!  Struggling with clean showers and dishes/dishwasher.  Love and miss you all!

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