Friday, July 5, 2013

Scorpions & fireworks in the bathtub!

Well we all seem to have survived the uber hot temps here over the past week (I'd love to kiss the person that invented air conditioning!!).  I did learn that you ABSOLUTELY cannot go quilt shopping on a 113 degree day if you haven't had something to eat or drink!  Oh yes, and we've encountered 2 scorpions in 2 days, both in the house!!  No one got stung and cartoon scorpions are MUCH cuter!!  Needless to say, Jeff agreed with me that we need to get Pest control service, they will be here next week.

Last night was 4th of July and the Red Rock Casino kinda near us is supposed to have the best show in LV, we have a perfect view from our panoramic window above my bathtub so we all sat in the tub and watched... yup, they rocked!  Before the Casino show, and then again after... we sat out front with neighbors  while the man-folk lite up the stand-bought fireworks.  It was a great time!

If you've seen the Mt Charleston fire(s) on the news (yes, there are 3 up there right now though 2 are contained), those are in the mountains just above us.  We aren't in any danger at all but have been waking up to ash covered cars.

Well that's about it from here.  The house is coming along, hope to have some more pics soon.